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[texts]Climb and high-speed tests of a Curtiss no. 714-1C2-12 four-blade propeller on the Republic P-47C airplane - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Propellers, Aerial; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 99
[texts]Maximum rates of control motion obtained from ground tests - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Elevators (Airplanes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 48
[texts]Determination of jet-boundary corrections to cowling-flap-outlet pressures by an electrical analogy method - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Motors--Cowlings; Airplanes--Nacelles; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 87
[texts]Considerations of wake-excited vibratory stress in a pusher propeller - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Propellers, Aerial; Wakes (Aerodynamics
Downloads: 92
[texts]Flight measurements of the rudder control and sideslip characteristics of four vertical tail arrangements on the P-40 series airplanes - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Bombers; Steering-gear--Testing; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 81
[texts]Analysis of available data on the effectiveness of ailerons without exposed overhang balance - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Ailerons; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 122
[texts]Force tests of a 1/5-scale model of the type GB-5 controllable glide bomb - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Guided bombs; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 110
[texts]Langley full-scale tunnel investigation of the factors affecting the directional stability and trim characteristics of a fighter-type airplane - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Fighter planes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 124
[texts]Variation of hydrodynamic impact loads with flight-path angle for a prismatic float at 6° and 9° trim and a 22 1/2° angle of dead rise - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Seaplanes; Airplanes--Landing; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 91
[texts]Wind-tunnel tests of a blunt-nose aileron with beveled trailing edge on an NACA 66(215)-216 airfoil with several modifications of aileron nose and adjacent airfoil contour - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Aerodynamics--Research; Ailerons; Hinge moments (Aerodynamics
Downloads: 96
[texts]Use of variable-ratio geared tabs to improve stick-force characteristics in turning flight - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes, Military; Elevators (Airplanes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 71
[texts]Determination of the stability and control characteristics of a straight-wing, tailless fighter-airplane model in the Langley free-flight tunnel - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes, Tailless; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 77
[texts]Effect on helicopter performance of modifications in profile-drag characteristics of rotor-blade airfoil sections - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Laminar flow; Rotors (Helicopters; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 136
[texts]Comparison of yaw characteristics of a single-engine airplane model with single-rotating and dual-rotating propellers - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Yawing (Aerodynamics; Propellers, Aerial--Testing
Downloads: 96
[texts]Use of geared spring tabs for elevator control - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings--Testing; Elevators (Airplanes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 84
[texts]Two-dimensional wind-tunnel investigation of 0.20-airfoil-chord plain ailerons of different contour on an NACA 651-210 airfoil section - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Aerofoils; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 70
[texts]Mass-distribution criterion for predicting the effect of control manipulation on the recovery from a spin - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Spin (Aerodynamics; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 68
[texts]Effects of heat-capacity lag in gas dynamics - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Carbon dioxide; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 100
[texts]Development of cowling for long-nose air-cooled engine in the NACA full-scale wind tunnel - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Motors--Cowlings; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 86
[texts]Determination of the effect of horizontal-tail flexibility on longitudinal control characteristics - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Fighter planes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 104
[texts]Comparison between calculated and measured loads on wing and horizontal tail in pull-up maneuvers - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings--Testing; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 66
[texts]Effects of compressibility and large angles of yaw on pressure indicated by a total-pressure tube - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Yawing (Aerodynamics; Compressibility; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 171
[texts]Determination of effective column length from strain measurements - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes, Tailless; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 91
[texts]Wind-tunnel investigation of rounded horns and of guards on a horizontal tail surface - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Tail surfaces; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 60
[texts]Belt method for measuring pressure distribution - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings--Testing; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 89
[texts]Flow of a compressible fluid past a circular arc profile - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Mach number; Compressibility; Aerodynamics
Downloads: 109
[texts]Flight investigation of internally balanced sealed ailerons in the presence of a balanced split flap - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Ailerons; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 90
[texts]Experimental verification of the rudder-free stability theory for an airplane model equipped with rudders having negative floating tendency and negligible friction - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Elevators (Airplanes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 104
[texts]Effect of artificial aging on the tensile properties of alclad 24S-T and 24S-T aluminum alloy - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Aluminum alloys--Testing; Aerodynamics--Research; Airplanes--Structure--Research
Downloads: 82
[texts]Critical combinations of longitudinal and transverse direct stress for an infinitely long flat plate with edges elastically restrained against rotation - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Design and construction; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 112
[texts]Effect of normal pressure on the critical shear stress of curved sheet - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings--Testing; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 78
[texts]Effect of high wing loading on landing technique and distance, with experimental data for the B-26 airplane - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Bombers; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 115
[texts]Comparison of tail and wing-tip spin-recovery parachutes as determined by tests in the Langley 20-foot free-spinning tunnel - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Parachutes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 148
[texts]Stresses around rectangular cut-outs in skin-stringer panels under axial loads - II - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Strains and stresses; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 99
[texts]Supersonic-tunnel tests of projectiles in Germany and Italy - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Mach number; Projectiles, Aerial; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 107
[texts]Effects on low-speed spray characteristics of various modifications to a powered model of the Boeing XPBB-1 flying boat - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Seaplanes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 92
[texts]Flight investigation of wing-gun fairings on a fighter type airplane - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Fire control (Aerial gunnery)--Equipment; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 123
[texts]Note on compressibility effects on downwash at the tail at subcritical speeds - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Compressibility; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 109
[texts]Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics : XIX - a double flap with an overhang and an internal aerodynamic balance - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings--Testing; Flaps (Airplanes; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 68
[texts]Effect of variation in diameter and pitch of rivets on compressive strength of panels with z-section stiffeners.: I, panels with close stiffener spacing that fail by local buckling - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Rivets and riveting, Aircraft; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 87
[texts]Determination of desirable lengths of Z- and channel-section columns for local-instability tests - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Design and construction; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 87
[texts]Frequency of occurrence of atmospheric gusts and of related loads on airplane structures - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airframes; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 79
[texts]Tests of a stress-carrying door in compression - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Design and construction; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 75
[texts]Effects of Reynolds number and leading-edge roughness on lift and drag characteristics of the NACA 653-418, a = 1.0 airfoil section - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Reynolds number; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 146
[texts]Tables and charts for the evaluation of profile drag from wake surveys at high subsonic speeds - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Wakes (Aerodynamics; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 116
[texts]Effect of the lift coefficient on propeller flutter - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Oscillating wings (Aerodynamics; Propellers--Research
Downloads: 95
[texts]Determination of induced velocity in front of an inclined propeller by a magnetic-analogy method - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Propellers, Aerial; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 125
[texts]Effect of trailing-edge extension flaps on propeller characteristics - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Propellers, Aerial; Lift (Aerodynamics; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 102
[texts]Wind-tunnel investigation of control-surface characteristics.:XXII, Medium and large aerodynamic balances of two nose shapes and a plain overhang used with a 0.20-airfoil-chord flap on an NACA 0009 airfoil - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings--Testing; Flaps (Airplanes; Aeronautics--Research
Downloads: 101
[texts]Hinge moments of sealed-internal-balance arrangements for control surfaces.: II, experimental investigation of fabric seals in the presence of a thin-plate overhang - Langley Aeronautical Laboratory
Keywords: Airplanes--Wings--Testing; Aerodynamics--Research
Downloads: 87
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